Welcome to the NCFAA!!!

NCFAA / NFAA Members are eligible to compete for awards at state, sectional, and national tournaments. Members also receive the bi-monthly issues of Archery magazine.

Join today using any of the following methods!

1. Join online

2. Print and Mail Form 

3. Call the NFAA at (605) 260-9279

4. Contact the NFAA by writing to:

NFAA Headquarters
800 Archery Lane
Yankton, SD 57078

Fax: (605) 260-9280

5. Contact any NCFAA Officer
Membership Levels

Regular - Fee for an individual member is $50.00 annually. For second and third family members - add $9.00 each. More than three family members - add $2.00 each. Individual Cub/Youth/Young Adult membership is $17.00 (under 18 years old).

Life - Granted to individuals of all ages. Life members are exempt from regular fees and dues to NFAA. Fee for life membership in the National organization is $700.00.

Professional - NFAA members in good standing, 18 years and older, may join the NFAA Professional Division. Additional Fee for professional membership is $75 annually above your regular membership fees.