NCFAA Board News

Congrats to Daryal Gosey and Chris Wallace, who are the new sectional Vice Presidents with the NCFAA Executive Board. Daryal is the VP of the Western Section. Chris handles the Eastern Section.

If you are interested, there are several board vacancies at this time:

If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact Joe Rozmus. (If you'd rather be president, let Joe know. He is willing to take on the NFAA Director position.)

But you don't have to be on the board to communicate with the NCFAA! We have a Facebook page and we want to hear your ideas and opinions there!

The NCFAA State Outdoor Championship is August 26 & 27

The NCFAA State Outdoor Championship (Aug 26&27) requires pre-registration. In order to compete for awards Contact Jackie Norris (336)263-0034 for more information.


Results are posted on this site on our Results page. Big Buck Archery and DCWC's field archery shoot results also will be posted on

To keep up with NCFAA news, follow our Google Groups site. To be added to the group, just send email to Joe Rozmus.You can also follow us at Facebook


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